Here is my newest client, Susan Quinn’s 1stCityDance.com. It’s nice and clean. The color scheme was based off of her established logo which made it easy. Susan’s point of contact with me was Deanie Sexton, so thanks very much Deanie!

Try getting a TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag (94″x 62″) back into it’s original carry bag and you and I will talk about “nothing is impossible”.


Spring is Springing

The seeds are beginning to fall off of my maples. My garden seeds are sprouting. Blooms on my blueberries. My lawn is turning green. It’s going to be a long summer!


Cafe Du Monde

Found this photo I took a while back at Café Du Monde in New Orleans (Nawlins). I really liked how it turned out. I looked over and saw this guys shoes absolutely covered in sugar. I went up and asked him if I could take a photo of his shoes. He just said, “Whatever, man.”…



Here is the new site for my latest client, Haley Millsap. Haley is starting her second year on the LPGA Tour. Best of luck, Haley!



Pensacon is gaining momentum and is looking to be a huge event for the Pensacola area. I am excited to be it’s web host and a part of the whole thing.


Brown-Headed Cowbird

I took this yesterday at my Aunt’s house. I’ve been bird-watching for 20+ years and have never seen this. Brown-Headed Cowbird….the brood parasite. This bird doesn’t make nests and will lay its eggs in another bird nest to get the host bird to feed and raise the young. I can’t ID the host bird eggs.…


The Squash are Happy

The squash are coming along fine and seem to be pretty happy. Tomatoes are flowering and beans and cucumbers are doing their thing as well.


Spider and Sunflower

This was taken a while ago and I am really happy that I noticed him when I did. He was a jumping, aggressive type. Let’s just leave it at that.